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The district investments in social assistance

Closer to people

   The Poviat Authority in Łańcut runs two Environmental Houses of Self-Help, one in Łańcut and the other in Rakszawa. Fifty seven participants jointly make use of the therapeutic classes in the two houses. Not many Podkarpackie districts support the disabled in such a wide range as Łańcut district. In 2007 the Board of Łańcut District obtained the subsides from Podkarpacki Provincial Office in Rzeszów for the needs of the two above mentioned institutions (daily stay) and the Social Assistance House (day and night’s care- nearly hundred places). The subsides, in the total amount of 455 232 zlotys, were assigned for the investments and repairs. The realization of the governmental tasks by Łańcut District (the tasks were commissioned to the local governments) from the scope of social assistance exceeded, together with one’s own assets, the sum of half million zlotys.
   In two months 154 232 zlotys were spent on the current maintenance and necessary repairs in the Environmental House of Self-Help in Łańcut. For this sum a new elevation of the building in 70/3 Piłsudskiego  St was made, the rooms were painted, the floors in part of the rooms were changed, the new panelling was laid and the rooms in the culinary part were renovated. Additionally, 45 000 zlotys were invested in the sett that was laid around the building and the tributary pavements.
   Similarly in the house in Rakszawa the sett around the building was laid, the necessary repairs inside were made and part of the rooms were painted. What is more, the centre was given the new therapeutic equipment and the necessary purchases of the facilities, which are needed for everyday functioning, were made. The realization of the planning documentation was also financed. The documentation is necessary to carry out the auction proceedings for the making  of the roof on the building of the Environmental House of Self-Help in Rakszawa. The sum of 164 000 zlotys was spent on those purposes. Additionally, 70 000 zlotys were obtained from the Department of Social Policy PUW in Rzeszów for the exchange of the roof’s wooden framework together with the new roofing. The Board of Łańcut District made a bailout for the making of the roof on the building of the house in Rakszawa. The bailout was made of the district’s own sources and amounted 51 228 zlotys.
   In 2007 the Social Assistance House in Łańcut obtained the additional money for its budget from the Regional Centre of Social Policy in Rzeszów for the amount of 66 542 zlotys. From this money the lift was bought and installed in the Social Assistance House in Łańcut. Whereas, the repair of the roof and the other necessary works, which aimed at achieving the standards by the Social Assistance House in Łańcut, were performed by the sum of 22 000 zlotys, transferred by Podkarpacki Voivode.
   Both of the Environmental Houses of Self-Help function in the organizational structure of the District Centre of Family Help in Łańcut which in 2007 spent the sum of a few million zlotys from the district’s budget for a number of socially important tasks serving our residents. It should be emphasized that before 1999, that is before Łańcut District was established, there were no organizational units of that kind on the territory of the district with the exception of the Social Assistance House. Our residents had a considerably hampered access to certain services, for example, because of the distance to Rzeszów or other cities. There are more and more older, sick and disabled people in our environment as well as those who require various kinds of support. The district investments in the social assistance widen the offer for the residents in scope of the services provided by the District Centre of Family Help and the Social Assistance House. It allows to be closer to people, closer to one another and the environment in good conditions.
Robert Kochman, “Łańcut Newspaper”, January 2008 No 1/151
The photographs-Robert Kochman
The translation-Anna Jędrejasz